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Technical lighting

Technical lighting

The secret of high-grade architecture is perfectly thought-out technical lighting. It has a direct impact on the comfort of working conditions, employees’ efficiency, the safety of premises and other factors that make up the success of an enterprise.

Magia Luce specialists carry out detailed calculations based on years of experience and high-quality standards, creating projects that do not require any further improvements and modifications.

In our showrooms, a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting models by world famous manufacturers is represented.

Let us find solutions for:

  • business centers and offices
  • shops and trade sites
  • gyms and fitness clubs
  • cafes, restaurants, and bars
  • objects of industrial or commercial nature


"Now, with rapidly changing design trends, technical lighting has become an attention grabber actively used in living accommodations. In combination with other interior elements, it creates a wholly unique concept."

"Magia Luce" Technical Specialist
Alexandra Zyryanova

Our team of professionals will save you from stress and unnecessary expenses, by taking care of all the issues related to the creation of high-quality and durable technical lighting.
You can contact us by phone +7 (495) 2-103-777 or by an application submitted on the website so that we could call you back.